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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  April 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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graduate? >> we're on the verge of graduation season in d.c. and some frustrated parents came to us with questions about what happened at their school last year, questions we are still trying to find answers to. june last year an exciting day for anacostia high school. not only was it graduation, but the ceremony was being held at constitution hall. >> the first lady of the united states of america, mrs. michelle obama. >> reporter: and first lady michelle obama was the keynote speaker. she spoke about the tremendous progress the students had made. >> over this past year so many of you have shown us exactly what you can do. i'm told that over 100 of you in this class have college plans this year. that's 90% of this class. [ applause ] and that's up from under 30 last year. what an achievement. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed in the graduation program, 146
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students graduating, nearly 90% of whom had been accepted into college and beside most of the graduates' names, the colleges they were headed torque but at the end of that list of -- to, but the end of that list of names, this note, the does not have all the graduation requirements set forth by the district of columbia. parents came to fox 5 with some nagging questions and concerns, like how many of those students were actually eligible to graduate. this document issued a less less than a month before graduation shows 22 seniors eligible, 100 potentially eligible, another 20 who could finish by summer. on these lists, page after page of is ares who were failing classes, some of them failing multiple classes, yet many of those same names show up in the graduation program along with the name of their college. how could so many students make up so many credits in less than
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a month? >> we failed geometry, english, french. >> reporter: as of may 17. >> 17. >> reporter: which is just a couple weeks before graduation. we sought out anita drayton wood, a former principal at anacostia laid off several months before that graduation. we asked her to evaluate the documents to help us figure out what was going on. she says there are independent studies and evening rove classes, but it would be -- recovery classes, but it would be hard for that many students to make up that many credits in that little time. >> if you're missing one class, there's one class that you're failing, we can kind of work with you. two is stretching it. >> reporter: d.c. public schools and the friendship charter group that runs anacostia senior high both promised to look into the claims, but woods says there needs to be a full audit. she fears if this demonstrates a rush to reform, it will only hurt the students. >> it's a numbers game to get
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the promotion rate up by any means necessary. get the numbers up. >> reporter: one of the colleges those students were headed to was university of arkansas pine bluff. woods said she heard from parents and teachers say some of those students didn't make it there a full semester. >> to give this more perspective, how did the graduation rates from that year compare with the previous year? >> we don't have the data for the graduation dates for 2010. we're told they won't be available until this fall in. 2009 the graduation race was around 57 -- rate was around 57%. our other big story tonight, the hotel employee who lost an eye during this brawl at the dmv awards last month now has a question for the woman who hurt him. how could you do such an evil thing? meantime the hyatt regency is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to her
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arrest. audrey barnes has been following this story all day and has more now from the web center. >> several fights broke out during the awards in arlington last month. in fact, more than 20 people were involved in the melee that forced every available arlington county police unit to scramble to the scene. five people were seriously hurt and rushed to the hospital for treatment. perhaps none more than this man, antonio, a bartender at the hyatt who is not ready to reveal his injuries. he lost his left eye in senseless attack. his family is now in debt and doesn't know if he'll ever be able to work again. police have surveillance camera images of the woman they think assaulted him and while detectives wait for tips and go over clues antonio is concentrating on his recovery. >> the doctor tells me to do my part, hold on, pray to god. i have my mother, my wife and children, my friends give me support. i will never see out of my left
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eye again. >> now besides the $5,000 reward that the hyatt is offering for information that helps them catch the suspect, they're also trying to ramon for antonio's family. -- raise money for antonio's family. right now they are living off three workman's comp checks, $600 for each check. he was making about $2,000 a month working three other jobs before thissiness lent left him unable to do so -- this incident left him unable to do so. i spoke to a spokesperson for the awards show. they said there probably will be one next year but they'll probably have new measures in place to keep everyone safe who goes. in northern virginia tonight police have 44-year-old nguyen in custody. he turned himself in last night hours after police say he stormed the shop on belle view boulevard in alexandria, then shot and killed le hoang. police say nguyen was a former co-worker. a second employee was shot but
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survived. congress today finally passed its budget deal one week after the government was pushed to the drink of a shutdown. the u.s. senate a -- brink of a shutdown. the u.s. senate approved the budget deal. it's an an ordeal on capitol hill, but the bill now goes into law. >> reporter: one week after congress pushed the government to the brink of shutdown. lawmakers wrestled over what was and wasn't in their budget deal. >> we can all have our own arguments and opinions, but there are certain facts we can't run away from. >> reporter: it was facts and figures that injected some last minute drama into the debate over just how much savings the budget deal really produced. >> it's easy to condemn and complain, but this is a good bill and i urge all members to support it. >> reporter: a congressional budget report found the promised $38.5 billion worth of cut really saved only $352
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million. that put the gop on the defensive. >> there are some who claim that the spending cuts in it bill aren't real, that they're gimmicks. well, i just think it's total nonsense. >> reporter: 59 republicans voted against the budget deal saying the cuts didn't go far enough while 100 democrats voted no claiming the cuts went too far. >> these budget cuts and work priorities should be a moral outrage to every member of this body. >> but after a week of shutdown, countdowns and late night negotiations both sides appear ready to put the budget bill to rest. >> i just want this bill over with. >> i'm with you. let's get it over. >> in the end that's exactly what they did. >> on this vote the yea's are 260, the nays 167. the bill is passed and without objection to motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> reporter: late thursday the u.s. senate filed suit and also passed the budget deal. the big bats still lie ahead
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over raising the debt -- battles still lie ahead over raising the debt ceiling and next year's budget spending plan. the director of a local rec center busted accused of assaulting an 11-year-old boy during a basketball game. plus check out some of the other stories on our rundown tonight. we're back in 60 seconds. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the director of a rec center accused of man handling an 11-year-old boy. police say robert gordon lost his cool when an argument broke out during a basketball game in alexandria inside the charles rec center. >> reporter: 55-year-old robert gordon had just finished rehearsals for a talent show when he allowed some of the kids to shoot baskets inside the gym. witnesses say gordon decided to
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join them. >> during the game some words were exchanged and it became heated. at that point mr. gordon kind of lost his temper and grabbed one of the kids, an 11-year-old boy, picked him up off the ground, put him down and it upset the people who saw that. >> reporter: joe did i donaldson said officers went -- jody donaldson said officers went to the scene where they found gordon, the child and parents. >> it's a misdemeanor if it's not in front of the police officer. so the family goes down and gets the magistrate and swears off the warrant and mr. gordon was arrested. >> reporter: robert gordon has been placed on administrative leave with pay. >> i was very surprised. in fact, we run good programs here and we provide good training for our staff. so yes, i was surprised and i'm looking forward to continuing this investigation and get more information into how things unfolded. >> reporter: william chesley says robert gordon has worked for the department of recreation more than 20 years. he couldn't recall another incident quite like it. >> he's done a good job.
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he and his staff have received positive reviews for their work at charles barrett. i received calls today from parents who are concerned about the situation and are supportive of mr. gordon and staff, but again we're looking at the situation because our environment is supposed to be family friendly. >> reporter: chesley says the investigation is ongoing because putting hands on a child is absolutely forbidden. william chesley says he was pleased to learn the talent show would go on with the 11- year-old taking part. we did reach out to mr. gordon but were unable to reach him. i'm paul wagner in the fox 5 next how you could eat lunch in the district tomorrow for just $1. a little later a maryland team getting a special guest just in -- teen getting a special guest just in time for prom when we take the edge off tonight. but first forget back to the future or bill and ted, time traveling banned at least
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in china. it's the country's latest bizarre attempt at censureship. the state's media arm has decided those types of tv shows and films hack meaning and promote an un-- lack meaning and promote an unhealthy belief system. looks like arnold and the terminator will not be back in beijing. introducing the thunderbolt by htc.
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immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. the latest headlines in the recovery effort in japan, bidding at a popular fish market which was damaged in the devastating earthquake and tsunami has resumed. meantime radioactive isotopes have been detected in tap
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water, fish and vegetables far from the facility, but officials say radiation levels have dropped enough for authorities to now search for bodies around the crippled fukushima power plant. back to d.c. now and the museum has acquired what will soon become historic artifacts from japan. when the earthquake and tsunami knocked out power and the printing presses at one city's newspaper, journalists resorted to writing the news by hand on poster size paper for six days. they used flashlights and markers and posted the papers at relief centers. the museum plans to put them on display next month in its world news gallery. also in d.c. tomorrow you could eat your lunch for just $1. melanie alnwick has your fox 5 top five. >> a website is helping you get a cheap lunch tomorrow. no. 5, living socialists offering $1 lunch meals in d.c. to promote its mobile apps. the program uses gps to pull up a list of the deals in 1/2-mile of you. the promotion runs 11 a.m.
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to 2 p.m. friday. the company says more than 100 local eateries are participating. no. 4, another handy app, this one for your taxes. snap tax allows people using the 1040ez form to file right from their smartphone, answer a few questions and use your phone's camera to scan in your w-2. there is a $15 fee to file. no. 3, losing weight may not only be good for your body, could be good for your mind. a new kent state university study suggests shedding pound could improve memory and other cognitive abilities. the study participants who didn't lose weight actually showed a small decrease in memory. no. 2, an expanded recall for ford truck drives f150 year 2004 to 2006 -- drivers year 2004 to 2006 models. the air bag can accidentally
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deploy. minnesota, chevrolet, and metro will offer free shuttle buses but delays would reach 40 minutes. there will be delays on the red and blue lines. we posted a link with the details on >> thank you. . >> today was a good day not to take metro and to walk, but we seem to keep having these one day wonders. >> i wish i could give you a double coupon for another coupon. >> it's april. >> i've got to tell you i think it will kind of feel like maybe a late march weekend, saturday especially because it will affect our temperature. >> i'm thinking we're still in transition. >> honestly we really are and even our model guidance is in transition this time of year. it has a hard time trying to figure out temperature wie where we're going to go. we think it will be cooler tomorrow. the washington monument is looking real pretty tonight. the blue lights look great, generally a clear sky overnight, wanted you to see one of the beautiful photos we
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got at the tulips almost look like they're begging for that warm air and the sunshine. send your photos of spring blooming around your area to myweatherphoto at we'll share them with you each night. not as mild for us friday. so we aren't going to end this week like our thursday was or even how monday was way up in the 80s. the clouds will thicken, too. still not a bad day. it will be dry. saturday looks like the wet day. we could maybe describe it as soggy, some parts of the area getting 1 to 2 inches of rain. we also expect to see some thunderstorms. it will clear out rapidly, though, saturday night, but most of saturday really is looking fairly wet. it will start early in the morning with light rain. by far and away the heavier rain will come in the afternoon and evening hours, especially when the line of thunderstorms comes through. sunday dry, a little warmer, 64 degrees. in terms of rain we do think there will be some heavy rain for our western areas at the poppet mack highlands in
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mountains on the order of 1 -- the potomac mountains on the order of 1 to 2 inches. the rest of us are generally looking at 1/2-inch to 1 inch of rain in the evening hours saturday. for this overnight fair skies with low to mid-40s in the suburbs, 49 degrees downtown. we'll start things out sunny tomorrow and it's not that cool. we actually went up 1 degree at 11:00 to 59, but there are some cool spots out there. manassas is 46 degrees now, frederick 48 but not cold enough to cause problems. so your planner for our friday looks like this, 50 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, a good amount of sunshine, a bit of an uptick in cloud cover by noon 58 degrees and by 4:00 more clouds than anything else and 61 degrees. we'll show you where our storm system is coming from. this is a central plains monster that's been producing tornadoes and snow. it will move to the east. this is a tornado watch for little rock. they've had about 10 tornadoes touch down in southeastern oklahoma tonight. there may have been a fatality,
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too. in southeastern oklahoma. tomorrow night we see a couple light showers in our area, but this is what we'll be watching. that energy will weaken, but showers will be around saturday morning, saturday evening maybe a widespread line of thunderstorms with stronger storms from fredericksburg south with around outlook of possibility of severe weather weather. we have put it together with your five-day forecast, sunday 64, liking the looks of monday and tuesday especially, 75 degrees. don't go anywhere. feldy is still talking caps. they are practicing. hopefully we're getting ready for a second win. we'll find out about all that when dave returns. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. this is an exciting time to be a d.c. sports fan. of night there's either a caps playoff game or the night before a -- every night there's either a caps playoff game or the night before and tomorrow they'll look to take a two- point lead over the rangers. after last night's overtime victory some of the caps at this morning's optional practice at the kettler caps iceplex. only eight skaters took part in the workout along with both goaltenders and all the players who were healthy. everyone knows there's still plenty of hockey to be played. >> it was only one game. i mean i think every player is always up for the first playoff game because you've waited so long for it, but it becomes, you know, a battle of attrition
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and now you got to do it the next game. >> we didn't give up much. they didn't give up either. it was a battle, but it was a good game to play and the crowd was good. it was good atmosphere and it's just you could tell it's fast hockey. >> we loh playing at home. i still get chills every time i hear the fans cheer. so we need to get two wins here and go to new york with a little bit of a cushion. >> cannot wait till tomorrow. in joey zimmerman's young major league career his two previous starts against the phillies have not been highlights. an 0-1 record with an 11.25 e.r.a. tonight, though, an improvement. zimmerman and the nats looking to take the rubber match against the phillies, scoreless in the second and zimmerman strikes out raul ibanez to end the beginning. the 24-year-old would take a perfect game into the 6th, perfect, but the first batter in the 6th is not a perfect scenario. carlos luis puts an end to it
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with a home run, puts the phils up 1 -0. zimmerman would go seven giving up five and one earned run. later in the inning placido blanco with a hard shot to third. gary harrison tries to get him but the throw is offline. fills go on to win 4-0. orioles and yanks finishing up their series in the bronx top three, nick markakis facing phil hughes with a runner on and that's not coming back. his second home run of the season, o's up 2 -0. the yanks were tied at 5 in the bottom of 9th. we go to the 10th. new york with runners at first and second, one out and nick swisher, the fly to right. mark teixeira scores the game winning run. the wards season finally came to an end with a loss on the road, shocking. the wiz were just 3-38 away from verizon center, 23-59
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overall, the third year in a row that the team finished at least 30 games under .500. >> probably everything i compact and even more. just kind of figured i have to keep on graduating. there's a lot to work on. last something we got to try to build on for the summer, work out and get better and take it on to the training camp or whatever the season starts next year. >> we were still playing hard. so i feel like we got a little group, got chemistry now and we're going to come next year with a chip on our shoulders. and negotiations follow the players and the nfl met for the first time since march 11th in minneapolis. it's a good sign. laura is back right after this. oun.mar.
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a maryland teen got a very special gift just in time for the prom. 15-year-old wisier johnson lost his hand in an accident with a saw last christmas eve. with the clock ticking for the prom coming this saturday an artificial him expert in frederick made sure the sophomore received a special bionic hand. >> he said


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